Honda 9.9 hp outboard got new fuel filter, oil, gear oil etc

Middle of February 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

 We first moved the boat next to the dock with the Honda outboard as close to the dock as we could get it.
New zincs next to old zincs. The zincs were not really that bad. The motor is out of the water most of the time. If we are tied up to a dock and we are going to be in town or at a resort we will tilt the motor out of the water. Of course on the beach landing using the dinghy wheels the motor is on land!
Next was draining the oil which went fine.

Then we looked for the new Honda outboard oil filter and we did not have one! Darn. So off to town to find one.
Our first stop was AutoZone as it is well stocked.
We decided to look for more Beta diesel fuel filter. We have one but I think at least two spares is best.  At AutoZone we found the Honda oil filters cross referenced to a Fram filter. We got two. We also picked up a second spare oil filter for the Beta diesel. I did lose my UK Sails baseball cap as it flew off while we were riding in a pulmonia.
Pulmonia statue on the Malecon of Mazatlan
Our next stop was NAPA where they had the Beta diesel fuel filters.
Well, they ordered four fuel filters for us. Should be a few days. Just as spares, in case.... And at NAPA they gave us each free T-shirt!
After NAPA we stopped at this shop and got some gear oil
and pump to make that process a lot easier and not as messy.
We had this tube of gear oil for the Honda 9.9 lower end but the process with this is a lot messier.

I decided not to waste the tube so I used it and it was messy. Also it was not enough so I had to drain the lube out again and start over rather than mixing gear oils. It did flush out the gears though.😟 So I guess if I had read the manual then I would have known how much the Honda would take? So from now on we will use the pump and quart containers. It was much easier. Also I think it took about half a quart.

We had a heck of a time getting the lower Philips screw out and with repeated tries with the impact screw driver it would not budge.
The head of the screw was starting to get wrecked so I did the no-no and used the screw driver and put it on the edge of the screw and used the impact driver to whack the screw driver. Impact driver right? Anyway it worked and broke the screw loose. We do have a spare screw which we used in the end.
A little harder over water and on the other side of the motor when standing on the dock.
Next we put on the new oil filter
and Debbie started adding oil - here she
is checking the oil level.
Debbie adding oil.
And getting it right.
Old fuel fiter in rubber casing.
New fuel filter installed.
We also touched up some places with some white Rust-Oleum paint where there was some peeling paint. It is inside where it is not seen.
Time to put the casing back on and cover.
Here I am connecting the two overflow hoses to the casing.
And wa la - all done!

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