Changed the spark plugs in the Honda 9.9 hp outboard

Middle of February 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

 It was time (or rather not the right time) but it needed to be done. Confused? We should do our yearly maintenance before we lay up on the boat for the summer. So at the end of the sailing season, at the beginning of hurricane season, we should have done this. However because of my hip replacement and other factors we did not. So it is getting done now and again when we tie up for hurricane season getting us back on schedule (not a good sail word).
Our 2012 Honda 9.9 hp outboard sitting on our stern. I had to sit on the stern rail to do the spark plug work.
As you can see the bottom spark plug is a bit of a challenge. Not real hard but takes some contouring of the hand and is a bit awkward to get at. This could be because I was sitting on the stern rail and the bottom cover was still on. The bottom cover really does not need to come off to do the job. It would be more work to take off the cover than to work with it on.
This spark plug had some oil on it?

Our tube of anti-seize is kind of beat up but still functions.

ours is an old tube...looks like it is not sold in tube any more? 

Both old plugs out.
We used Super Lube on the top of the spark plugs to keep the boot end from sizing up. It is the same grease as the type sold for the job.
 This job is all done and the 2012 Honda 9.9 hp outboard is back together. Next phase is to move the boat close to the dock where the motor is and do the other maintenance. Such as zincs, oil change, lower end gear grease change, fuel filer change etc.

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