Staked down some bolts on the Beta motor mount

Beginning of  February 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

 We had four bolts that keep coming loose on the Beta forward starboard motor mount.
You can see one bolt here with J.B. Weld applied to the edges.

These two bolts are inside the motor mount area.
You tighten them through a hole with a Hex Head wrench {Allen Head wrench}.

Above the two holes are seen which you put the hex head wrench in to tighten the hex head bolts. They would come loose periodically when motoring. Of course that means we need to check them every so often and it is a pain. The two bolts you see which the wires are connected also come loose at times, needing checking with the others.

Now you see them with the J.B. Weld applied to them. We need to wait for 48 hours to run the motor.

This should hold the bolts in the tighten position and continue the checking of them all the time. Of course we will continue to check them from time to time to make sure the J.B. Weld is doing its job.  Another option would be to use some LocTite on the threads. This however would require removing the two which we access through the holes and if the engine settled we may not be able to get them back in, even doing one at a time. No sense taking that chance so we are trying the staking down method first.

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