Varnishing while house sitting - continued ......

7/29/2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
We are in Bucerias house sitting.

After another round of sanding with #320 this time we varnished with satin, the second and last coat.

Debbie is putting up a couple wire baskets for storage under the sink. 
We got these some time ago but never put them up. Anyone doe that :) Any way we have not really any need for them but figured while the louvered door is off why not stick them up. Debbie put a glass of water in one to make them level by looking at the water.
See the teek to the right of Debbie, that tong piece we did with satin and I had a heck of a time doing it without runs.

Seems like this louvered door project will not be finished before we move back on the boat. 
Not a big deal to have one piece to deal with. We have here one coat of gloss on the frame, the door may need a couple more coats also, it has at least 3-4 coats now.

This area now has two coats of satin and that it. Looks good. The varnish will help keep the dust, dirt and other crud from getting into the wood. A damp cloth cleans it off.

The louvers are in gloss to match the door, the rest is satin.

Next will be the top oak edges and the oak fiddles, they will be done in gloss and after we take a break! 

 We had some guests come on board and they said even with the amount of teak on the Islander Freeport and the windows covered with insulation our Islander Freeport seemed light, open and airy. We did have are large hatches open I think. 

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