Drinking glasses up-grade

End of June - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 We stopped at Cosco to get some new yellow rags and also (does this not always happen) found something we could use. Some new plastic glasses. 

Now there are 12 to a box, there are only two of us :)
So of course we purchased them. They are OK and I think will be stable enough. That means the base is large enough to make the glass not too tipsy. We liked them mostly because of the size. They hold enough so we do not need to make a lot of trips to the galley (so far away) to get more water or whatever. Really though is you are digging in the refer for cold water how many times do you need to do that from the cockpit?  A few glasses of water will meet the daily requirement. 

As for the dots well they are happy looking. Plain would have been my choice but that was an 18 piece set and we would not use the scotch size tumblers for anything. 

 We did look in the Galerías Vallarta Mall at Liverpool Department Store and found nice sturdy glasses we liked but each glass was over $8.00 USD!

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