AC insulation for hot summer months in Mexico

July 1, 0214- Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

This summer we have gone some steps further to help make the boat cooler faster etc.

We added insulation to all the windows in the salon. 
All the salon windows got lined on the inside with insulation.
The two front windows we added the insulation on the outside under the Sumbrella shade screen Debbie made for the windows. Also Debbie had made 90%shade screen fro the outside salon windows as the 70% does not cut it in Mexico, fine for San Diego but not enough for Mexico, at last for us.

We added or Debbie made covers for the outside of the hatches with white Sumbrella a long time ago. 
We only used them at the marina because we need to walk all over the deck while at anchor and under way and they are not sure footed under foot. Besides we really do not need them most of the time and we like looking out at the stars and getting light in the boat through the hatches if they are closed. But now with the AC running and being tied at the marina they are nice to have as the first, well second line of defense. The Shadetree boat awning systems are the first line of defense against the sun. The the hatch covers. Then we stuffed\added the insulation to the Oceanair Skyscreen for further heat protection.

There are lots of leaks here in the companion way with the slat boards and doors and hatch. 

If we are going to be inside for any amount of time and running the AC we unroll this insulation and cover the inside of the companion way. 
This seals up the companionway real nice. All this insulation does kill the view though :)

We can really chill out with this insulation on the windows etc. Great for watching movies also :) Makes the 12000 BTU Mermaid Marine Air Conditioner work a lot less and save on the electricity. The Mermaid Marine Air cools the boat much faster and holds he cold easy. We can even cook dinner or make popcorn on the stove top and the Mermaid Marine Air hardly notices the heat, the heat rises about one degree. We chill out!

Ken and Nancy on S\V Gitane had this extra insulation in their RV and sold it to us. It is hard to come by here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. At least no one we know has found any, they had brought it down from the US but did not need it. It sure has done us well. 

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