Varnishing while house sitting

 We are house sitting in Bucerias  MX 6/14/2014

 Seeing as we have the use of a garage and are not using the boat (galley) we removed the drawers and louvered door and a few pieces from other places and are in the process of varnishing them.

Lots of sanding etc.

Two of the five galley draws and two doors from the galley.

Let's big louvered door from the galley, one tall one from the settee and a medium one from the head, which about covers it for door and drawers for just about the whole boat. 
We have been trying to do the door in the head forever, it seems. It is the last piece in the head to do.

You only see me but Debbie is doing the actual varnishing. I am doing the prep. This time we are trying wet sanding in between coats. All these will be gloss and we will go to the boat and varnish the area where these go in satin.

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