We are in Opequimar Boat Yard for a bottom job.

6/16/2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

We are in Opequimar for a bottom job.

Manuel, from SYS Severin Yacht Services, helping with the strap placement.  
He was VERY helpful!!

Elegant'sea getting a power wash with Debbie in the foreground.

New water line is the blue tape.

My back and Jorge, who is leading the job.He has a yacht services company and 
a chandlery at Paradise Village Marina.

New water line on the stern.

Keel cooler. I got one new zinc in it but the other screw stripped out at the head. It matters not as the zinc's have been in there for years and are still fine. 

We are putting a new 3/4 inch thru-hull in where the old paddle wheel (boat speed) was. The blue tape is because the old larger hole is about to get filled. Jorge had his guys do this for gratias.

The old paddle wheel and spare plug.

A couple holes up on the hull by the rudder post?

We got our old engine through hull valve off and the guys helped or did get the flange off the old valve and then re-installed the valve, flange and hose for gratias.

River of blood (red bottom paint).

Got a fair amount of blisters and they are getting grinded and the bottom sanded etc.

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