Varnishing while house sitting - continued ......

6/25/2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
We are in Bucerias house sitting. 

The hinges to the settee louvered door were in real bad shape. 
Lots of rust and the finish was coming off.

This is after we put these to the bench grinder\wire brush.

Not going to get any better unless we powder coat or paint or replace.

We once tried to replace the hinges on a cabinet door in the head. Drill and fill and a real pain in the butt. These exact hinges are 30 or more years old and are not made any more. There are some close ones but the holes for the screws are just enough off to make it a real pain.

Spray painting from a Home Depot can of brass colored spray paint..just hoping.

We were surprised how good they came out. Looks like brass.

This little lost chick came in the garage for a visit. I like chicken but it 
is bit too small :) We shooed it away.

Debbie painting the screws to the hinges as they were beyond refurbishing.

By the garage door, a painting of the animals that live and have lived 
here. Hay wait where is my face!
Notice the halo on top of the one cat, R.I.P.

Down the street.

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