Varnishing while house sitting - continued ......

6/29/2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
We are in Bucerias house sitting.

A trip to the boat to prep and varnish the galley area and head door frame before we move back on.
Lots of cleaning with TSP and sanding etc getting ready for the varnishing using satian.

We had to put a tak plug in the second drawer frame as it was missing and has been since we owned the boat. One of those things was never gotten too. Simple task but just not got on the list :)

Of course under and around the stove needs doing also. This area adds up to be a lot of space.

We wil do the piece of teak on the shelf to the left in gloss as you see it when you open the luvered door by the sink.
We taped up and then the varnishing begins. We needed a light as the sunlight was not enough from the companion way doors. We have the AC running and the windows cover with insulation. We do have the two lights over he stove and big overhead light over the galley but it still is not enough to any runs in the nicks and cranns.

Starting to look clean anyway.

The reason I have shied away from doing the large flat vertical area is the runs. The satan seems to run when I did the settee area and we looked at a Islander Freeport for sale once that the teak was varnished but it had runs all over the place. It was awful looking. Now I think maybe my problem was I used a sponge brush not a bristle brush. I was waiting till I could get a technique down for doing the satian. By mistake I forgot the sponge brushes so I used a bristle brush this time and wala no runs! Lets see how this does on the second coat! We may have the technique.

Debbe was working on the head sink louvred door frame.

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