Venting - The Wire - WiFi thewirieap

Summer June 6, 2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

We did this last month.

The empty box that is sealed when closed and the two electrical components (router and WiFi card - thewirieap) give off heat, never mind the sun beating on the box.

Drilling a couple 7/8 holes. I think I used a 7/8 hole saw anyway.

The new router and same WiFi card.

Holes with sun screen as screens for now as it was all we had. Will keep the bees out etc.

This has been working fine but time will tell. We actually get better WiFi speed by connecting to the source directly from our PC than we do connecting to "The Wire" (thewirieap). If we were farther away from the source then this would be he way to go I guess.

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