Went to the Plaza Galerias Vallarta Mall - movies

End of May at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We went to the Cinemax in the Plaza Galerias Vallarta Mall and saw the new Star Trek movie. It was in English and had Spanish sub titles. While a little more expensive than some movie theaters here it was still rather inexpensive. The during the day price per person was 51 pesos (less than $5.00).

 The movie theater is nicer than any movie theater in San Diego Cal. and had the usual concession stand but with Carmel corn and regular pop corn. You could get them mixed which I think we will do next time. The theater also had a deli and Ben and Gerry's ice cream and a coffee bar among other offerings.
The seats were great, recliners and the isles nice and wide. No need to move if someone walks by. Plenty of room to stretch out the legs. The screen was BIG and the sound GREAT! We will be back :)

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  1. a movie theater meant for dad!! carmel popcorn to boot...living the life of luxury i see ;) hope to hear about more movie adventures as the summer progresses!!