Debbie working on the chain plates

End of May at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Debbie has been working on the chain plates. She is sealing them with 3M UV 4000 so we will not have any more leaks from them. A couple were leaking real bad so we did a temporary fix on one with some silicone smeared on top of it and did a real fix on another with 3M UV 4000 but I was a little sloppy and it is hard to clean up off the SS plate etc.

 Debbie is removing the silicone from the one and is prepping the two on the port side now. She finished the starboard side.
There she removed all the old caulking, which there was not much of on that side and then cleaned it and rinsed them out with acetone and then let dry. Then stuffed them with 3M UV 4000 and they came out real nice.
 Needing some sealing up!

Once cleaned out Debbie lets them sit for a day to dry out

Debbie has been re-sealing the chain plates without removing the stays. 

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  1. I need to do that too. I'm thinking of removing the chain plates so I can inspect them first, then if they look good caulk them up good like Debbie is doing. Remember when you guys came on Grasshopper and Debbie was checking out the caulking job I did under the inside part of the cap rail? That 3M UV4000 looks as good as the day I put it in, and it's still flexible. Good stuff.