Topside teak getting more coats of Sikkens Cetol Natural Gloss for the summer

Middle of May at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We first took some hardware off the cap rail then sanded with 220 grit.

It is prepped now and ready for the first coat.

 We just got our coats of “Sikkens Cetol Natural Gloss” on the port cap rail. Doing some refresher for the summer sun.

 All done with port side.

We are also stripping the hand rails and Cetoling them among other things. We would like to get that done before the rains.
Look closely and tell me what's wrong with these pictures of Debbie working on the hand rails?
 The darn dock worker is fishing and we or I should say Debbie is working!


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  1. The dock worker probably doesn't own a boat with teak to tend, but you do! I don't know why I'm laughing, I have the whole boat to do soon.