Harken traveler gets lubed and new lines

December 2017 -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
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The first lines we put on the Harken 5.1 "Big Boat" traveler when we did the traveler project were recommended by Downwind Marine and were good for the hands but were lousy working in the 5.1 traveler. Then we did a second set of lines which we are replacing with these new ones we purchased.
Old and new...lines, that is!

 Debbie used McLube Sailkote One-Drop to lube up our Harken traveler.
 Existing line that is getting replaced.
In order to lube the sheaves/ball-barings of the blocks,
they had to be removed from the car.

 Lubing the barings

 Chip cleaning off the encrusted salt on the traveler car.
 More scraping...
 Unlacing the old lines...
 ...and lacing in the new lines!
 Now how did this go again :)
It has to be just right!
Our Harken  - Main Sheet Traveler System is working as smooth as.... well smooth😎

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