Propane bottle adaptors - bad tank valve - 2017

These are for the little bottles. One of two propane bottles we have had a bad valve.

So that leaves us with one bottle. About 2.6 gal of propane. They are 10lb bottles and they are composite. We made our own propane locker and so it does not fit other bottles. So for now we will use an adaptor to put a small bottle on then use the one 2.6 gallons and when that needs filling we will use the propane adapter so we can put on a small disposable bottle to make coffee etc. Where the other 2.6 gal bottle went we will use a small disposable bottle. This new system will get us by for a season until we get another propane bottle that will fit. 

 We had thought that we would need two smaller composite bottles in case we needed to take one on a bus or something. That has never been the case, at least on the Mexican Riviera..there has always been propane fill up available.

November 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We are currently house sitting in University Heights, San Diego CA

Here is our propane box with the two composite bottles in it. One went bad.

And yet another part checked off the US buy list for the next cruising season on s\v Elegant'sea!

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