Baseball game in Mazatlán - a fun break from boat work! - 2017

Debbie and I on the Jumbo Tron! Note Debbie taking our picture.
December 2017 -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Debbie and I went to watch the home baseball team (Venados) play the other night.

This stadium is being remodeled and here is what it is going to look like. The new stadium will hold 2000 more people. We like this one just fine!
The stadium holds 14,000 and after the re-model it will hold 16,000. Seems like the right amount as it is lots of fun and not too crowded.
 Different companies had beautiful women in their "uniforms" representing the product.

Mascots abounded! 
 One of the two Jumbo Tron people...our seats were right in front of him!
A raffle we could have won but did not win😭
 Our ticket from the app.  Our really good seats cost us less than $11.00 USD each.
The same seats at Petco Park in San Diego for an upcoming game in March 2018 between the Milwaukee Brewers at San Diego Padres will cost you over $102.00 USD EACH!  Petco Park has 40,200 seats!
The players are very good and I could see no difference in the quality
of play between these players and US teams.
Although it was a zero-zero game till the 15th inning😰, both teams are in a three-way tie for second place in the division and are evenly matched. They had great defenses and pitching.
 My new Venados baseball shirt!
 They had endless food such as pizza, popcorn, corn-in-a-cup, fruit salad, sausage, other delights and of course beer.
Our pack of peanuts cost us $1.00 USD. Our two dogs, which were kind of like pigs in a blanket, were less than $3.00 USD. The cheap seats were less than $3.00 USD. So you can see it is real affordable like most things in Mexico. We usually do not quote prices however in this case it gives you an idea of what the locals are doing for entertainment and how affordable it is. There were some gringos like us here but not many.
Two fans were selected and wore these big heads
in a foot race on the between innings! 
 Senor Frogs with contestants in a race between the Venados and the other team.
Señor Frogs Pulmonia - Mazatlán
 Here is the team mascot "Venny" (in the middle) with the race winner!
 This was an evening game and started at 6:00 PM. Night games start at 8:00 PM.
 Info on substitute player  for the Venados baseball team (home team).
 Venados on the field.
Here is one of the five pitchers they had for the night.
 The Jumbo Tron is used for mainly entertainment for the fans. The fans participate in the game at all times. It is totally entertaining. Very festive and keeps you entertained. There is so much more going on than just the game.
 It was actually nice not to have instant replay!  No need to watch the game two, three or more times. The Jumbo Tron was better used, in my opinion, the way it was.
 The game lasted over 4 hours. I understood just about none of the spanish but understood the entire game and antics going on. Just way lots of fun! We stayed for the 14 + innings and were never bored. Our team did lose 2 to 0 though, boooooo
 There were NO police at the stadium. No ushers. The beer was always flowing, all night...yet absolutely no arguments.
 Just lots of smiles and laughter! Some things are universal also like "clap, clap, clap, clap, clap Lets Go!"😀
 This is the Venados pitching bullpen...notice the white plastic chairs they sit in.
 More product mascots!

 Another funny sight...a fellow with a Darth Vader mask on walking with bass drum - couldn't really tell what they were announcing/advertising yet it was entertaining!!
 This was a between-inning skit with the Mascots. Lots of entertainment.
 Beer guy - he carries bottles of beer in a five-gallon bucket
then pours two at a time into cups for the fan...
 The keep each cup they drink was really something to see how many people had!
 A Venados team player on first base....could have been the winning run!
 The home team dugout...steps away from our seats!
 My girl at the game!

 Our view of the field from our seats
Here is the Culican Tomatero's up to bat

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