Debbie put in switches for our two broken Bora 3-speed marine fans

End of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

More summer fun with electrical :)

We have 4 Bora 3-speed, 12V fans in our boat and one just up and broke. It stopped working altogether. They, of course, are out of warranty. The manufacturer (Caframo) said they would sell us one at a discount. Two others broke at the switch. So neither turns on!

 We purchased three of these at Home Depot for the fans (Standard Cord switches by Leviton). They are just thumb switches. We thought we were very fortunate to even find these here in Mexico.

 Debbie installed a thumb switch on the head fan. 

Now the head Bora fan turns on by the thumb switch and you can use the Bora switch (in the center of fan, gray) that used to turn it on and switch speeds to now switch speeds. It does not turn it on. So we got it to work with the thumb switch.

 The Bora fan in the salon quit working also. Debbie put a switch on it and it now works at high speed only. At least it works now and if we could choose a speed it would probably be high speed!

Bora fan in salon Model 748CA.

Debbie had to determine which was the positive wire 
running to the fan. They are both black wires. Then cut it.

Not great instruction for the switch. It took Debbie a little trial 
and error to get the switch working.

Wala! It works!

And so it goes :)

Stateroom Bora fan that broke.

 The Bora fan in the state room (we have two in this area) broke. It will not work at all - it's getting power but doesn't work from the fan wiring. At the recent La Cruz swap meet Debbie traded two folding aluminum chairs, nice chairs, for a new unused Bora fan. Debbie is going to switch them out soon.

Stateroom Bora fan that still works. Oops, it needs a cleaning :)

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