Galley/Force 10 stove bar replaced and towel hooks

 Beginning of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

A late summer idea was to re-do the stove bar...from brass to stainless steel.

The existing brass two-hook towel holder.

Before we did the galley varnishing. 

Here. the bronze galley bar looks good but over time it got all tarnished and was impossible to keep looking nice. The bronze 7\8 pipe that goes across the Force 10 stove is what we wanted to replace with SS. When Islander Yachts made the boat the stove was a brown 70's color so the bronze matched a lot better. As it is, this is near impossible to keep looking nice and we have tried coating it after polishing it. A SS one is in order. . 

There was a brass two-prong towel hook here. We had a Kohler towel two-prong holder left over from the head refit. We did the head shower system all in Kohler hardware. We took off the brass hook and replaced it with this Kohler one.

It uses a set screw to hold the Kohler hook to the bracket.

Looks nice. It is chrome plated but does not look 
off from the SS stove or stove bar.

We took the bronze stove brace to the weld shop, "Chaba's". Well it is 
Salvador Covarrubis S.
Tel.(322) 22 134 14
Fco. J. Echeveria No 141, col. Guadalupe Victoria
(Note that we did try our regular welder, Enrique at Elario Gonzales' 
however he got very busy in October as well as not having 7/8" SS tubing.)

 "Chaba" did a fine job, or I should say his guys, did a fine job on some stern rail support work we had done a couple years ago at our boat. We found his shop this time and it is a lot better cost-wise if you can design the job and bring it to the shop. That is what we did with the davits. Big price difference.

Not much to look at as shops go, not like the other weld shop which was way nicer.

7\8 SS tubing to a small flange with three counter sunk screw holes.

The one "Chaba" made mates almost perfectly.

Nice finish work.

This will keep the hand\dish towels off the wood.

The best part it it only cost 380 pesos or about 
$24.00 USD at today's exchange rate 

Looks way nice!

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