Anchor snubber/chain hook re-visited - 5 of 5

Beginning of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

This bridal came with a few pulls in the line but not worth complaining about.

Here I am marking the bridal at 12'. That is twice our bow height.

Later we will add some chafe to this spot.

We used some leftover water proof  fabric to mark the 12' spot.
That is 12' from the end of the SS thimble. It is another 6" to the end of the chain hook. 

Debbie sewed in a couple of white marks for an 18' mark. This is three times the height of the bow and what I have read is the length you would want for a bridal. 

We measured 22 1\2 feet from the end of the eye to the end of the SS thimble. It is supposed to be 25' but we do not think it matters.

OK all ready to put this baby to work and more than ready to get off the dock! Let you know how it all works out.

 We thought the chain hook was the galvanized one. They see both a galvanized and a SS one. We wanted a SS one. SO we put a refrigerator magnet on the SS thimble and it slid right off. Then put it on the chain hook and it stuck. So we called Mantus Anchors support  and they said the chain hook was SS. That they always send SS chain hooks with their bridals. That they do not polish the SS chain hook so it may look galvanized but to scratch it and you will see it is SS. Also the process for casting the SS chain hook is different so it allows a magnet to stick to it. SO all is good after all and I learned something.

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