Bilge getting a refresher with Bilgekote

Beginning of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 We like to keep our bilge and engine and the whole area clean. That way if there is a leak or something is not just right we can spot it easily. The bilge area was getting a bit rough and had some over-spray from me painting\touching up the Beta 38 hp diesel engine. The only matching paint for the engine that we have ever found only came in a spray can. So this season we purchased a can of "Bilgekot" by Interlux and touched up\re-painted the bilge. That is after I prepped the whole bilge and cleaned it or visa versa then Debbie did all the painting.

Interlux  "Bilgekot"

Some clean up of the white paint after these pictures were taken 
was done and it is looking good.

Some spots in the deep bilge we did not get as they were just unreachable. 
The deep bilge is still in pretty good shape though. 

Setting up was one of the hard parts.  
We were able to find a paint roller tray 
at a local paint tienda for 20 pesos!!

Looking good.

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