Beta 38 hp diesel engine fuel and air filters found in PV

Middle of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Debbie at the counter. The chicken-wire is for palm 
leaves that help keep the sun off the bus stop.

 We found the Beta 38 hp diesel engine fuel and air filters in a shop in Las Juntas (a suburb of Puerto Vallarta), behind Home Depot,  Of course, this took a few tries. First we went there on a recommendation from Jorge at the SYS chandlery at Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay. At the counter (after honking the horn for the guy to come) he said he did not have any air filters that we were looking for. He had one fuel filter but it had a big dent in it so we skipped it. There was another fellow that has a "Tienda" a shop that sells candy, soda, chips etc. and he came over to translate for us. Debbie does quite well now but it was nice of him. There are a few places here handy for cruiser. A machine shop and hydroponic shop etc. 

The red arrow is where the honking horn is.

 Now in the typical way, that was it. He never offered to get the filters and acted as if that was all there was to it. We left and looked some more at a few more places on the way to a new SS weld shop we discovered. Later we were talking to Jorge and he said he would call the shop and have them order the filters. We never thought to ask about that. So far we have picked up the two fuel filters but the air filter has not come in yet. 

An amazing amount of things in such a small space!

Old truck air filters.

Our spanking new Baldwin BF940 fuel filter. 
Baldwin PA3419 air filter not in yet.

Although it is not called for by Beta we like to replace the fuel fiter and clean the Racor bowls and replace the Racor filters each season which amounts to about six months of use or a years time. Also we want a spares of each filter. 

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