In La Cruz anchorage and flopper stopper repair

Beginning of  December 2015 - La Cruz anchorage in Banderas Bay, Mexico

So here we are sitting in La Cruz anchorage now for about 10 days or so since December first, 2015. We have been doing the usual things and getting the boat ready for our trip south and around Cape Corrientes. We hauled anchor and finished running our Garmin auto pilot wizards (GHC 10 class A under deck autopilot) and successfully I might add! We are getting ready to do another sail after fixing our reef lines the person who re-installed the main for us at the end of the summer messed up. Some other small things also and were hoping the weather cools off more down south. It finally broke here but late this year. Started getting hot early and stayed late!

 We were getting ready to go to the “Banderas Bay Splash” party again this year, well missed last year as we went south right away. Any way it decided to rain and then a squall blew through the anchorage. We got 38-40 knot winds and sustained winds of 28 knots. At least one boat dragged but all was well. We were doing OK but decided to raise our Magma flopper stopper “ROCK 'n' ROLL STABILIZER”. Some boats took water over their bows from the waves but not our Islander Freeport! Designed for cruising she is!

We raised the flopper stopper because we thought it might cause us to drag. We found that one of the harness lines had broken off either from the waves or from being raised. Looks like a purchase for the future when someone can bring it down.

So we had to do an in-the-field repair.
Debbie tied a Sheet Bend knot to attach dissimilar lines together - the new line was larger then the old one.  Then a piece of hose for chafe and a stopper knot. This year we decided to try just one zinc as the cost $10.00 USD each here and we go through them about every three months.

New zinc and broken harness line.
Also notice some spot welds around the hinges we had added this summer for strength. A few rough edges were also touched up at the weld shop.

Debbie cutting off the old line...

...and the end get burned so it won't fray!

Wa la...good as new!! (we hope!)

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