Dinghy raise with Badlands electric winch!

Beginning of November 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

We did our first “raise the dinghy” with our new Badlands electric winch that we installed on the davits. We usually lift the stern here with the outboard, dinghy wheels and fuel tank etc so the electric winch will take any work out of it (I need a hip replacement). This time we are lifting the bow as we do not have the outboard on the dinghy, it is mounted on the boat (s\v Elegant’sea) so we raise the dinghy with the dinghy bow on the motor side so it will clear the motor. On the way up Debbie was checking that the dinghy would miss the outboard prop. All went well with the electric winch test and we are looking forward to lifting the dinghy with all the gear on it next - well, that will probably be in Chamela (Perula Bay) after rounding Cape Corrientes in about a month. We want to check the islands out at Chamela (Perula Bay) with the dinghy and then anchor by the islands.

First we had to inflate the Achilles LSI-310E dinghy.

Then we launched it and put the seat in etc.

Wa la - all set!

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