Helm seat upgrade?

End of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

For many years, we have wanted to get the helm seat "arms" redone in teak - they are currently done in pine (we were told) and they are splitting at the base.  The current "arms" came with the boat.

Here in Mexico, there are many "carpenteria" shops - people that are master craftsmen and do many things the "old-fashioned" way.  We ran into one such shop in Mezcales - that of "Luis".  He has no name on the shop.

Here is the main shop area - his motorcycle is in the far back.

This is the table where a lot of his work is done.

Luis' hands are seen here 
holding the pine "arm" up to our helm seat.

Debbie is speaking her "best" Spanish
 to convey what we want with the new teak "arms".

Our project is going to take about a week 
as Luis seems to have a large chair order.

Thank goodness for the truck with A/C 
we get to drive (in the foreground)!

Luis' wood pile!

This is the shop right next door - again, no business name 
and looks to be another "carpenteria".

The teak wood the arms were going to be made from.

The office.

 So this ended up being a total bust! After about 4-5 trips to this workshop and each time a "it will be ready manana" type trip we gave up. It was not going to get done. We got our old arms back and 100 of the 250 pesos deposit. We may try to stop by for the rest but do not hold out much hope. Some times it just does not happen. Maybe next year?

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