(lsla Ixtapa) - Isla Grande - 2

(Isla Ixtapa) - Isla Grande, Mexico -  end of March 2015

 One of the reasons we sailed over here to Isla Grande is because there weather coming. There was a big cyclone out in the Pacific and the waves are headed our  way. Zihuatanejo does not handle a SW swell that well and that is what the waves are. We tucked back in behind  Isla Grande so we are well protected. Of course it helps that this place is peaceful and beautiful. 

There is a lot of energy behind the big swell. The eddie created by the wave energy was actually pulling us (anchor, rode and boat) across the bottom at about 15' a day. We had to re-anchor after the third day. The wave energy had dropped a lot by then.

The one man band :)

He played us La Bamba!

Hard at play.

After each day playing  "Mexican Train Dominoes" the 
hostess (Tina Tequila) would supply free Tequila shots!

We hitched a ride in this day.

Yes, s\v Elegant'sea with a jet ski in the foreground. 
We did move another day as we were in the jet ski launch channel. 

Yes there were bunnies.

And a deer.

A fun-looking water tri-cycle, rented 
by patrons of  "Restaurante Pamelita"

Kids seem to be fascinated by the dinghy!

Fisherman, who dive for crustaceans, bring their wares over by panga, 
blow a conch shell to let people know they are there to sell their shells.

Could they be looking at the girls, na :)

The Mexican Coast Guard panga waiting for their crew 
while surveying the shore crowd.

Bob on s\v Deana B, who we met in Zihuatanejo  anchored for a couple days.

We picked him up the second day Bob was here and we 
went in for lunch and hammock time.

Here we are enjoying lunch, Bob and Debbie and I.

Hammock time.

Water taxi's waiting for pick ups.

Restaurants deliver right to your boat. They come out and take your order 
and then deliver it! Also you can all just jump in the panga and they 
will take you ashore to have a meal at the restaurant!

One such delivery to a small m\v.

Debbie at the nav station.

And it is all about fun! Locals are out on the water with anything that floats!

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