Isla Grande, - Rented a Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

(Isla Ixtapa) - Isla Grande, Mexico -  end of March 2015

While we were at Isla Grande we rented a "Ocean Kayak", the  "Malibu Two" model.

We have seen these kayaks perform well and them seem in-destructible. We do have one small issue besides the weight. They are 12’ long. Our boat is 36’ long. That means the kayak will be 1\3 as long as the boat. A friend posed on Facebook that he did not like these hard kayaks because of the wind age they created. I would think that would be true if you were going on the “Puddle Jump” or crossing an ocean but for us costal sailing Pacific Mexico I think we could put it up on the for deck (couch roof deck) for a passage say around “Cape Cabo Corientes” as we head south. We have been asking cruisers about wind age and so far none with kayaks on the rail have noticed it much. Now we have also the paddle board. It creates wind age I would think but so far we have not noticed it.

 I do remember a story about a boat that went on the ‘”Pacific Puddle Jump” that had kayaks on rail racks. They hit heavy seas and bent their life lines all up.

This turned out to be great fun! We paddled right out from the beach and had no problems paddling together! In our last kayak (Solstice Trekker Kayak) we had constant problems trying to paddle straight. This Ocean Kayak Malibu Two tracks really nice. It was really stable also. I think we are sold on this kayak for us.
It can be paddled easily by Debbie alone or we can both go out in it. 

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