(Isla Ixtapa) - Isla Grande - 1

(Isla Ixtapa) - Isla Grande, Mexico -  end of March 2015

 Isla Grande is quite nice and Picturesque!

We arrived in time for a swim!

The local workers for the restaurants come to work by boat.

Boats come from the Ixtapa Marina so the crew can clean their boat bottoms. 
There are crocodiles in the water at Ixtapa Marina.

The beaches were happening even more so 
because it was Easter Week(s) (Semana Santa).

We got to shore the first couple of days then the swell came in and the Port Captain shut down the harbor here and the Port Capitan did the same in Zihuatanejo .  So with no water taxis  Isla Grande was empty but for some restaurant locals who stay on the island. There is no fresh water on the  Isla Grande or electricity etc so all was quiet for two days. 
The toilets and showers use salt water. The local boys were playing soccer on the beach in their underwear, swimming and having fun. We relaxed with all the quiet and beauty. Not even when this place is hopping is there noise after five pm as the restaurants close and the water taxis bring every one (hundreds) of people back to the main land. No barking dogs ether!

The diesel can in the water marks an underwater rock!

Morris and Debbie from s\v Impulsive. They do not care for this kayak 
and are going to get a different kayak in the future. Their boat is the white Outbound 44. 
We went over and played "Mexican Train Dominoes" on their boat one afternoon.

Morris and Debbie from s\v Impulsive.

I am paddling by.

This is s\v Scoots with Vandy and Eric on board.

One of the many water taxis that bring locals etc out from the main land.

The white pier is where the water taxi's drop and pick up.

Here I met Ellen (who we originally met in Zihuatanejo at the Guitar Fest) - she was just swimming by. Debbie and I did volunteer Guitar Fest work together with her. She was looking to crew on a boat back north. She ended up not finding a boat to crew on. (Next year we think we may take on crew to help with the passage north.)


About the end of paddle boarding for this day.

Yep the end of paddle boarding for this day.

Now a relaxing swim :)

Morris from s\v Impulsive snorkeled over and we chatted.

Ken and Nancy on s\v Gitane in the back ground. 
They stayed a day or so and left to go north.

s\v Elegant'sea rests at anchor in Isla Grande.

s\v Elegant'sea rests at anchor in Isla Grande.

s\v Elegant'sea rests at anchor in Isla Grande and s/v Gitane 
just anchoring.

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