Caleta De Campos 2015

Currently anchored in Santiago which is by Manzanillo ,  Mexico April 14 2015

Remember our Garmin GHC 10 class A under-deck autopilot broke again so we are stopping at these anchorages each night to get some rest from hand-steering on the way north from Zihuatanejo

These three anchorages are available for stopping if you do not want to spend two days and nights at sea. That is a passage from Zihuatanejo to Manzanillo . And if you can keep 4-5 knots. We did the two overnights on the way South but in Acapulco  our autopilot broke.

Caleta De Campos
Bahia De Maruata
Punta Cabeza Negra

We did stop at all three and here is what we found on the way North in a heavy S - SW swell.
The next anchorage going North is Bahia De Maruata.
Any more info please see a guide book and Charlies Charts.

Caleta de Campos, Mexico -  end of March 2015

You can see the bay here. No protection from a S or SW swell or winds.

Where s\v Elegant'sea anchored. We spent one night here. 
No going ashore as the breakers were way too big.

Coming into Caleta de Campos.

Coming into Caleta de Campos. Break water to the port.

Perhaps this is what was meant by "relatively remote and isolated 
section of Pacific Mexico", according to the Pacific Mexico 
Cruisers Guide?!?  It appears that way, except for holidays in beach towns!!

The south end of coming into Caleta de Campos.

Break water.

Hotel just inside of break water.

It is Easter holiday  (two weeks of it here) - Semana Santos - 
so every place that has a beach and water is party-vill !!

The guide book "Pacific Mexico" said this was a sleepy 
fishing village. Not so, at least not now.

The waves, which do not show up in the pictures,
 are way too big for a dingy landing.

Campground towards the south side of Caleta de Campos.

Camping looks good. You can see the breakers, bigger than you can see.

Where the banana boat begins. There was a waiting line!

The banana boat riders get in the panga on shore 
and are brought out through the surf, which is a fun part of the ride. 
Lots of screaming as the panga goes through the surf/waves.

Now they get onto the banana.

The dinghy landing as breakers go across it.

We did have overnight company as this s\v was headed South.

Notice the helmsman just under the mizzen boom!

Time to go.

Heading out.

Just out of Caleta De Campos and North for Bahia De Maruata, the next anchorage.

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