Santiago anchorage

Back in Santiago anchorage after a week in Las Hadas anchorage. Late April 2015

We anchored a couple of different places, both this side of the bay 
where the beach dinghy landing was easier.

s\v Elegant'sea at anchor.

Both our Mexican Train friends were here already. 

Some handicraft work one of the beach vendors was selling - 
reminded Debbie of our son-in-law David!

Pool's ready!

                                                      "Mexican Train'" time.

We really liked this set at it had the numbers, instead of the dots - made 
counting points a lot easier when someone else won!

View from inside the Ramada - still a good-sized 
holiday (Semana Santos-week 2) crowd!

We dinghy-ed over to s\v Airborne and talked to Hal "Barney" (his nickname because he looks a lot like the charachter from "The Flintstones") and Kathy. They gave us the lowdown on Santiago and we went into Santiago together the next day.

On the other side of the beach restaurants is a lagoon. That means there 
are mosquitos so we keep our screens on at night.

s\v Airborne "Barney" and Kathy and us stopped for lunch here with big tortas!

Putting on the goodies.

s\v Waterdog with Jack and Sara on board - ironically we 
met Jack in Chamela in 2013!

I paddled over to meet s\v Waterdog with Jack and Sara on board. 
They are the white dot in the far side by the hillside.

s\v Waterdog leaving as I paddled back.

I decides to try the cover on the paddle board again. I was shy to try it because the cover was on it when it blew a hole. It seems to be doing fine now. I kept checking it for pressure :)


Here I am playing "Sunshine of Your Love" with the "Pipe Bomb" amp!

 Hal "Barney" and Kathy on s\v Airborne gave us the tip to put a cover over our dinghy while on the beach so the kids will not play in it, getting it all sandy. It seemed to work!

Debbie's belated birthday treat from Starbucks
 - yes, there is one in Manzanillo/Santiago!!

Chip enjoying some "street" tacos - literally - off the back of a truck grill!

There was a biker conference in town so a group of them were at the truck as well!

Carroneros M.C. from Compostela

Western corner of Santiago bay where the lagoon entrance is in the corner 
and the wreck is just to the left in this picture.

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