Punta Cabeza Negra to Manzanillo - (Santiago )

Currently anchored in Las Hadas which is by Manzanillo ,  Mexico end of April 2015

We left Punta Cabeza Negra in the early morning with little wind 
and a sea that was smoothing out, heading for Manzanillo..

Debbie left the reefs in the main sail as there was no wind anyway and it would not flog. Without the port Lazy Jack this is how Debbie tied it up. First the sail cover around the boom for the port side then used the ties in the sail to tie up the first reef. 

Port side.

Starboard side.

Sea turtles with birds on their backs.

What, no bird hitching a ride!?

The seas smoothed out with just a whisper of a breeze.

Enjoying the ride!

Capitan Debbie doing the hand steering (broken AP).

We wondered what this buoy (?) was as it was not on any
charts - paper or electronic.
Other cruisers we saw later in Santiago told us it was a racon - 
primarily used by the big ships' radar (just off the coast of the refinery).

South point, Punta Campos, going into Manzanillo.

Heading into Manzanillo.

Manzanillo is a very busy port, with container and cargo ships 
waiting at anchor in the bay for a berth at the shipping terminal.

Had to skinny by this ship!

The "APL Florida" looming large, at anchor, as we passed by it!

The bow was quite impressive - we noticed it moving 
with the ocean swell!

East side of Santiago bay.

A last look at the sail before dropping it prior to anchoring 
(port side of sail cover tied to boom).

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