Zihuatanejo - anchored

Beginning of January 2015 Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Our boat s\v Elegant'sea, anchored by Playa Principal in Zihuatanejo.

Our boat s\v Elegant'sea, anchored by Playa Principal 
with Playa Madera in the background. 

s\v Patricia Bell

Not a lot of boats here now so we get our pick of anchoring spots!

There has been a week-long holiday celebration - the town 
welcomes all its visitors (mostly Nationals)

In the beach-front town square, there is this elaborate sandcastle
 along with other holiday decorations

We spent the holidays here. The New Year's Eve celebration featured fabulous fire works over the bay. Some of the best I have ever seen and the setting is beautiful!

A view of our boat anchored off of Playa Principal - 
there were a lot of people playing on the beach.

Another view (of our boat from the beach) facing more toward
 Playa La Ropa - some amazing homes and hotels on the hillside!

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