Las Hadas/Manzanillo to Zihuatanejo passage

End of December 2014 Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Our passage from Las Hadas/Manzanillo to Zihuatanejo was a two overnighter. I have decided we will, if we can, avoid the two overnighters from now on. I do not do so good on the second night. Our watches are about 3 hours at a time starting a 9 PM to 6 AM.

 We chose to go straight through but on the way back there is at least one anchorage we will stop at. We decided we do not need to do the overnighters if we do not need to.  We are constantly in motion, not like a quiet anchorage sea wise or tied up in a marina. So after about 24 hours of bouncing around in 5’ mixed swell seas I get tired. It  matters not if we are under sail, motoring, motor sailing it still tires me out more than I like to admit. So why not stop and rest if we can and visit a new anchorage. The small anchorages can be really beautiful!

We are very happy with the new davit set-up...the dinghy 
stayed secured in the bouncing seas!!

Now in a 2-4’ flat sea we might keep on going :) but that is rare even on the Gold Coast of Mexico I think. The water and air is warm though and that really helps with the comfort level.

We have a good library of guide books!!

 We did get some sailing in and at times we were clocking over 7 knots with following seas and I think a current. We had both sails reefed and about 14 knots of apparent wind.

A beautiful sunrise brought us into Zihua!

We got into Zihuatanejo at about 7 AM as planned. We planned out the route at 4 knots and that would have brought us here in the afternoon. We thought it would take us about 48 hours but it took us 40 hours. We wanted to get here in the day light. A catamaran we were with in the Las Hadas anchorage - s\v Grainedo - got here in about 36 hours, a few days later. They left early during the next day and arrived at 9 PM at night, not much of a moon now but obviously they are OK with coming in at night. It is the first time here for them also. I think now we could be OK with arriving at night if need be as we have been here this time but still prefer to arrive during the day.

We got a good sunrise and not much for sunsets as it was overcast most of the way.
Seas a good 5 feet and mixed swell. Winds were light and mostly down wind.

Debbie making some lunch while underway.

We anchored in about 14 feet of water and it is busy here as in Las Hadas, Manzanillo. There are ots of jet skies and banana boats and para-sailing boats doing donuts around the boats and anchorage. Lots of, we think, water taxies going to the next beach, passing full throttle. It is the holidays so expect it. We went ashore today and the dinghy landing is great. No waves to speak of and a couple guys on the beach to help for tips. One of the two said he was the best and would keep our dinghy secure. There were a few other dinghy’s and a paddle board on the beach also. When we got back he was gone. The other guy we saw asleep in the park nearby. I had to go back to the park and wake him up to help us with the dinghy. We could have launched it ourselves but I am trying to take it easy with my nerve damage still improving but slowly. So much for security :) but the living is easy here.

We already know we will be here a bit longer than planned. Our head (toilet – Vacuflush tank) broke. A hose is clogged we think. That is on the repair list. Also we need to clean the bottom. We will move over to the other anchorage – Playa de La Ropa - where the water is clearer a day or so before we leave and I will dive the bottom. We need to re-provision so that is a bus trip to the Highway etc.

Anyway, we are retired so what’s the hurry. No schedule and lots of peace.

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