Arrived in Acapulco

Acapulco 1\12\2015

s\v Elegant'sea at anchor in Acapulco - as seen 
from the restaurant 100% Natural Cafe!

 We went into shore today, making a great dinghy landing in the small surf (we found a good spot)!  There are a lot of fishing pangas in front of us so we thought it would be a pretty safe area.  While there were some rocks in the water, we were able to avoid them as we could see them because the water is so clear.  Once through the surf, Debbie asked a nearby fisherman (in her best Spanish) if it was all right to leave our dinghy there.  He said it was - only to take it higher on the beach.  Another fisherman - Vicente Jose - came over and offered to keep an eye on it.  (We also locked it to the railing of a set of steps leading up to the sidewalk.)

We ate a nice breakfast at the cafe and got a little internet.  From there, we walked over to the Capitinia de Puerto's officina to check in.  We then walked around a little, past the elementary school and then to the grocery store (Commercial Mexicana - one we are accustomed to!) which is right across the street from our dinghy landing!!

After we off-loaded the groceries back at the boat, we went back out in the dinghy to explore the marinas around the corner from the cruise ship dock - and that's another story (post)!!

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