Acapulco - Bottom cleaning

Acapulco - anchored 2015 middle of January

We cleaned the bottom before we left Zihuatanejo with Debbie doing the water line and I dove the bottom.  Here in Acapulco I cleaned the water line and below as far as I could reach. This gave me something to do as I swam around for exercise and the bottom can use it. The bottom is not real bad but there is getting to be some growth on it. This is the clearest the water has been in a while here in Acapulco so I can see spots I missed before also. Before leaving I will dive the bottom and clean it up good and the prop etc with Debbie. Yesterday Debbie and I had a nice swim and did a salt water shower and then a fresh water rinse off in our boat shower. We also made water all day and took a couple trips to the paddle board repair guy by dinghy but that is another post.

We are thinking of getting a dive flag or inner tube to let people know we are in the water.
In Zihuatanejo a panga came and delivered propane and I was diving the bottom. I usually hear the props going by but think just that, that they are going by not along side our boat. Coming up etc can be a hazard or just cleaning up by the water line! 

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