Papanoa (Morro de Papanoa) to Acapulco

Beginning of January 2015 Papanoa  

We will be leaving Papanoa at 2 AM 1\9 tonight for Acapulco .  We will have a three-quarter moon to light our way!

We will probably watch an episode of "Judge John Deed" we have downloaded then take a nap, play guitar, read and possibly watch some more episodes of other entertainment we have and so on, then get to bed early.

Picture was taken as it was being built for the shrimp fleet.

On-shore views from the boat...

There is a rooster "choir" onshore somewhere here that "sing" 
at daybreak and throughout the day.  Once in a while a dog will chime in!!

Looking out through the breakwater.

Looking out of breakwater, red light on breakwater.

Looking out of break water.

Non-working green buoy light.

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