Autopilot button hitting problem solved

Acapulco  middle of January 2015

Below you see the cover we made for our Garmin GHC 10 class A under deck autopilot.
We installed this GHC 10 display here because it is visible throughout the cockpit and also there are limited choices for the install. We do not want a crowded binical as you see in our other posts - we just have a simple Garmin 740 chart plotter on our binical. However this placement has it's own set of problems as we have found out. It is susceptible to the buttons being hit by your knee. Also, as you see lines and other objects that can bump the buttons sending the autopilot in "You have the wheel" mode or worse. We have another display for the Garmin electronics (GM 10) at the nav station and we do not use a cover on it. So we modified the cover as it is extra.

Here you see the modified cover for the Garmin GHC 10 class A under deck autopilot.

The autopilot can be completely configured with our Garmin 740 chart plotter but you need this GHC 10 to set up the auopilot when installing it or re-configuring it. Sometimes we use it also for quick tweeks like changing the heading by a degree or two with an arrow button. 

Here the autopilot is following a route.
Here the autopilot is following a route.

Garmin GM 10 at nav station. The GHC 10 is similar without the cover on it.

What we did was pretty simple really. We just cut out the middle.

As you can see the cover has a ridge for the display so we used a box cutter knife to cut around it and Wa La - we got a solution to our problem of accidentally hitting buttons.

Here we are sailing with "Wind Hold".

With 450 nm under our belt this season so far this is proven to be a good solution!

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