The little diesel pump for the Racor filters - 8 - it works but different

Middle of November 2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

OK go figure! Our desiel tank is 80 gal and is mounted under the cockpit sole. It is higher than the engine and Racor filters. Our Racor filters would never back feed from the diesel tank and required having diesel poured into them\it from a fuel plastic fuel tank to a suitable container. Why they would not siphon from the diesel tank I could never figure out.. Well today we did the “drain the Racor filter” and use the diesel pump we installed to back fill it, making the job so much easier and less messy. Only thing is, you guessed it, the Racor filter back filled from the desiel tank. We had cracked the top of the Racor filter to drain it out and then when we opened the Racor filter valve the Racor filter filled up and flowed out the top till we cranked it closed! It had to have been something we changed of course, the fuel line or valve who knows? We did not change the fuel line route much.

Each container in the bucket is a Racor filter full of diesel fuel.

Any way no need for the diesel fuel pump now. It could come in handy for some engine work or bleeding the engine.

This is all good. No need for messing about changing the valve position, like that was a big deal :)

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