Honda 9.9 hp outboard motor serviced for cruising season!

Beginning of November 2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

Seeing as there is no boat on the other side of our slip and no finger pier in-between we slid over to the other side so we could tie up on the port side. This enabled us to do the starboard side of the cap rail with no lines on it and do the Honda 9.9 outboard motor seasonal maintaince.

We changed the filter and oil. We went around and wire brushed off any rust or other stuff and put some paint on the areas. Then we greased up what needed it and were done.

The fellow with me is Johns helper who came by to help with the davit work. 

OK the Honda 9.9 outboard is ready for action again!

We will remove the spark plugs and put a bit of oil in the cylinders before starting it up to prevent un needed wear on the engine.

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