Debbie up the mast again for Lazy Jacks

Beginning of November  2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

We moved up the river for some in-coming weather and so decided this was a good time for Debbie to go up the mast again. The "Lazy Jacks" needed to be put through the blocks on the spreaders and.

Debbie with Lazy Jacks in hand.

Up on "E"dock there are no boat wakes from boats entering and leaving the harbor or surge from the river so the boat stays still, to a point, it is a boat :)

We get a wave here!

Lowering down the lazy jack on one side.
Now to get Debbie to polish the SS Garmin (GMR 18 HD\24 HD) radar  mount :)

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  1. How come Debbie is the one that goes up the mast? You're going to be screwed if Debbie strikes!