Binical painting

Beginning of November 2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

The area around the binical and compass was pretty beat up with stains and scratches and green primer paint showing through the white paint. It has been a work bench and catch all for some years now.

So we are painting it. 

Yes it seems that some of the smaller things are getting looked after now. Each year the boat gets easier to use and nicer to be on! Once talked to some cruisers here in Mexico that said it took 7 years to get their boat to be set up nicely. Now that could mean they were snow birds and only showed up 2-4 months a year here and spent the rest of the time at their “home” in whatever country. I just talked to our snow bird boat neighbors and they said they have been here two years. I asked again and their boat has been here two years but they only take it out for two months a year and sail to another marina! The other two months they stay on it at the marina here. So you need to qualify the talk to get the right information or you’ll be wondering why their anchor rode lasts 20 years and ours not!  (Just a rant that doesn't necessarily fit into the category - one thing led to another!)

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