The little diesel pump for the Racor filters - 7 - test

Middle of November 2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

After testing out the new diesel fuel pump it was apparent that we were not getting fuel directly from the tank but only from the line that runs through the fuel pump. We had to bead the engine several times running it about 15 min each time before it ran out of fuel. 

Before securing it to the bulkhead.

A couple days later I took the hose from the tank off the “T” valve and tried sucking the diesel from the tank. I did not get any diesel from the line, or I got enough to foul out my mouth but nothing else. Next I tried turning the valve to point to the fuel line coming into the valve and bingo, the fuel started flowing out of the line. So the valve does not seem to be logical but it works.

It took several more runs and bleeding's before by accident we got it to work. We started the Beta engine on the pump side with the valve pointed to the pump by accident and then realized it after about 5 min and switched to the direct line side and it ran fine after that.

You would think the arrow would point to where you want the flow to go, right or left etc but this valve has a different setup than the engine fresh water wash down 3 way valve. So I guess if I had played with it some before installing it I would have figured that out. It does work fine it will just need some labeling as we will use it only a dozen times a year or so. It does make it easier to bleed the engine although the Beta is not hard to bleed even if the injectors need bleeding also.

The only thing that got messed up was the fuel line hose directly from the tank by the Racor filters. It was routed behind the starter battery cable along the insulation but now it is out by the cable. I had to pull it out to try leaning down and siphon out the diesel fuel. Then forgot to route it back that way. I’ll re-route it next summer. Got more to do to leave the dock for cruising! 

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