Burnt out shore power inlet

Middle of August - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

These are the ends of our shore power cord and the plug that goes into the boat. The plug we replaced. The shore power chord I tested to still be good. I sanded off the black and hooked a pig tail we have (which we dumpster dove in San Diego for) and then plugged a fan into it. I let it run for a half hour and the chord remained cool. He led light still worked also. At the present we are using a used 50’ cord on loan or buy from the SYS chandlery here at Paradise Village Marina. We could use a longer chord at times so it may be worth it to purchase the extra cord and hook them together for 100’ when needed. Our new plug is the SS plug with the used yellow chord plugged into it. This happened when the chord became loose in the plug. Don’t try this at home :) The prongs in the plug were dangling!

New shore power (MARINCO) inlet.

Old inlet.

Shore power cord.

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