Made up some Ronstan Utility Hangers

Using bungee chord, I made up some "Ronstan Utility Hangers" for use in the lazerett and hanging lockers. The Ronstan Utility Hangers have been hanging around the boat not used for a long time. I had some extra time and came across them. I used some bungee chord we had on hand and some hand crimp pliers with SS crimps to secure them in the hanger. The method is great for making up bungee chords of a specific length. We get the materials for crimping at Downwind Marine.

Begging of July 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
 This is what they look like hanging.
I made different lengths of bungee chord on them
so we can have a variety of uses for them.
 Crimping the end to secure it in the Ronstan Utility Hangers.
All done with one.Ronstan Utility Hanger.
Now I pull the loop through the Ronstan Utility Hanger.
 We have been using one in the lazerett. I made up five more.
 So you get the idea.
We are hanging some lines in the lazerett.
Easy to get to dock lines etc
 Down in the starboard lazerett...nice and tidy!
Here is one in the aft hanging locker.
It is holding two bags and they will stay there
while under sail heeling etc.

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