Mermaid 12000 BTU HVAC epic journey to the US and back - Part 1 the removal and shipping out

Yes our Mermaid Marine Air and heat 12000 BTU unit is once again out and ready for boxing. In our case a Home Depot plastic tub. The  Mermaid Marine Air came out easier this time. We lifted one end up a bit and then removed the rubber pad that it sits on. The pad is like a shock absorber for the unit and it prevents any vibration. It also make the unit hard to move. So we disconnected the hoses and electrical cable plug to the electronics box. Then we un-screwed the fasteners holding it down and lifted it out by raising it up towards us. Some giggling and heavy lifting and we got it out. As you can see we placed the unit on top of the salon.

Beginning/Middle of July 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Hay an empty place, what can we fill it with!
Thank goodness for headlamps!!
Plastic box from Home Depot.
We put a rubber yoga mat inside the box and then the black rubber mounting pad for shock absorption for the ride up to the US. We also placed our other yoga mat under the box when we put it into the trunk.
Mermaid Marine Air and heat 12000 BTU unit in the plastic box.
Our sailing gloves came in handy to protect our fingers from the sharp metal base!
This is sitting in the "T" in the cockpit. We had to remove the wheel to get it to fit.
Then we covered it with a tarp and laid the plastic cover over it.
The cover does not fit because a piece of the unit sticks up too high.
 We arrived at Linda's house in San Marcos. CA for our first house sit and unloaded the trunk. What's left is the car tool box, our box of spare fluids etc and the  Mermaid Marine Air and heat 12000 BTU unit.
The border patrol at the Nogales crossing was curious as to what was in the box...once we explained, all was good for us to cross into the USA. 
 We pulled it out and it still looks ok! 
Yes nice and empty!
We called Mermaid Marine Air and of course had to remind them about our unit and remind them that they were shipping us the box and paying for the shipping to them and they were reparing the unit and shipping it back for free. They, after a while, said oh ya, we remember and are shipping us the box.  
Ready to ship, now we need the box.
Got the box now we center it in the box.
Now we need to secure the electrical chord for the electrical box
and then screw it down with the supplied screws.
The chord is secured by shipping tape.
Screwed down.
 The 12000 BTU Mermaid Marine Air unit is centered and screwed in.
 We placed the foam they sent us over the unit and sealed up the box.
FexEx came by and picked up the box, bye bye!  Shipped out on 7-21-2017.
Once fixed (fingers crossed), it will be returned here for us and when we come back in a few months to do our last house sit (here) we will pick it up and bring it back to the boat (s\v Elegant'sea)!

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