s\v Elegant'sea ready for the summer (huricane season)

Here we are in the last days before leaving the s\v Elegant'sea for the summer months.
Debbie is doing last minute preparations.
We leave one engine space hatch open for dehumidifier air to circulate there.

Beginning of July 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
The head and chain locker.
Stateroom....we pile a lot of things on the pulman berth to store.
Under the foam is our cockpit teak grate and numerous other things.
Debbie stripped all the seat covers from the boat
and we will wash them at one of our house sits.
The electrical chords are for the dehumidifier.
Our dehumidifier is set to 40.
We had it set to 43 last year and it did fine. No mold or any problems.
They say that it should be set between 35 and 45 as that is the average for a room. When our HVAC was running it was dehumidified to 30. As you can see it is working on bringing down the humidity.
Here you can see the green garden hose for the dehumidifier going into our deep bulge. The bilge pump will pump out the water the dehumidifier dumps into the bilge. After a while the water in the bilge dries up as the dehumidifier just keeps the boat dry. We noticed the boat was a bit cooler than the outside temperature when we came back last year.
Debbie washing things up as we are emptying our SS water tanks.
Here is our window Mirage 12000 BTU one ton unit that we used to keep us cool while we are getting our Mermaid Marine Air 12000 BTU unit repaired (it is going to the US). This unit worked fine but was a bit noisy and was up on deck and that was a pain. Plus, the exhaust gets the deck and other things dirty. Also the hot air it expels is blown back into our cockpit and around the deck making it even hotter up on deck. It worked fine but it will be nice to see it go. We will not let it go until we are sure our Mermaid Marine Air 12000 BTU unit is fixed.
Running out the fresh water from the head sink.
We put in the window insulation to help keep the boat cool even though we have it almost completely covered. If in a heavy wind we lose a cover the sun will still be kept at bay.
Turned most everything off but the 120 volt for the dehumidifier and battery charger.

A couple of zinks in case the diver should need them.
The people watching the boat "Merchco Marine Solutions" will give the diver
the zincs if needed. Last year they did not need them.
Looking down the bilge.
 We closed all our through holes but for the bilge pump ones of course.
The New Found Metals port holes got an extra crank down for the summer rains.
All covered up!
Me adjusting a line on the other side.
Is it right?

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