Back to Water Depot for some spares for UV water filtering

The trip to "Water Depot" was fun. It is in the Pancho Villa neighborhood in Mazatlán.
These neighborhoods are not tourist spots so it is nice to spend some time there having lunch and picking up laundry and see the area. Soccer fields and baseball fields with the local squares to hang out in. 

Beginning of July 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
 Here you can build your own. Mostly for houses and pools etc - these can still supply water when you are taking a shower and washing clothes etc. There are also small ones like we got for s\v Elegant'sea
We purchased a spare 16 watt UV bulb, spare "O" rings
for the bulb and two spare filters. 
Yo buddy! These are some big systems. The fellow in Puerto Vallarta we house sat for had a big system with these kind of tanks and UV lamp, a big one of course.
So we got our spares and are all set for next year of cruising. Hoping we will be out on the hook most of the time not needing the UV water filter system for dock side - so just in case we pop into a marina! 

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