Some sail boats summering over in Marina Mazatlan (not the cruisers)

This owner says this is the first Caliber CC made.
The cruisers are gone but the boats are here. 
 Beginning of July 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Caliber CC
Caliber CC
Caliber CC
Caliber CC
Now this I believe is one of the few Cal 38'.
Taken from our cockpit.
The teak along the top of the life lines is going to be a new toe rail.
The old teak one is getting replaced.
This Formosa Ketch is nicely covered for the sun and rain!
Tayana 38
Pacific Seacraft, "s\v Cool Cahange". Off on the Puddle Jump next year!
     Catalina Morgan 38' - s/v Caper
s/v Lorien
Ed on s/v Lorien
Darryll and Rita Live in a condo near by and own s\v Overheated
s\v Overheated
This nearly sank but is being re-furbished by a couple from Canada.
Locally owned.
Bob on  s\v Deanna B who lives in the mountains and gave us a big fender.
Out went the Perkins and we think it is a Beta going in.
Joe and Fran s\v Yancey 
Joe and Fran s\v Yancey 
Joe and Fran s\v Yancey 
Roy and Winona on s\v Saucy Lady
Up for sale this Baba. It is supposed to be taking the bash back to the US but it still here.
Baba for sale.
Tim and Donna on s\v Northwest Passage 
s\v Northwest Passage
Debbie up in the jail area!

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