Scrub a dub dub

Yes we spent some time washing about everything that would come loose and then everything attached to the outside of the boat. Then we started on the inside!
It's summer cleaning time!
The sails and dodger\bimini along with most all other items have been washed\dried a while ago and are out of the sun\weather.

Begging of July 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

This is the stack pack drying on the stern rail.
We washed the teak cockpit grate and the stern steps.
We were going to put "Teak Wonder" on them but our can was old and useless. So they go into the boat (on the pullman berth) for storage through the summer months without it getting the "Teak Wonder" treatment. When we get back we will bring a can.
We decided we like just one coat on the teak as two or more yellows it out.

Just washed the boat on the outside and next to bring in the
window 12000 btu ac unit. That unit sure made a dirty mess up on deck.
We will be glad to get ours fixed and be done with this window one. It has done the job which is what we needed.   I was on my hands and knees washing the boat with knee pads. The shade prevents me from standing in most places forward of the cockpit. 

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