Went to the Mazatlan Chandlery for big boats- shrimp boat stuff etc. (Part 1-4)

Beginning of January 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

We went to "Parque Bonfil" in Mazatlán which is the old port. It was a two bus ride for us and we did fine. We were looking to buy some reef line 3\8" size. That will be another post shortly. We did get to a couple chandlery's but most of the places were closed for the holidays so we walked the shrimp boat docks and found that way interesting. You can buy shrimp here by the kilo.

 We see these shrimp boats when we are doing passages, sailing along and there they are. Usually 10 km out or more. They do not use AIS and sometimes have no lights. They are lit up if they are shrimping in an a pack of three as they are doing some kind of netting I think. Most of them rather you not know where they are shrimping as that is their secret spot. So that means keeping an eye for them at night and radar etc. but most often we do not see them at sea.

As we were walking down towards the shrimp boat piers we saw these men making nets.

Shrimp nets we are guessing :)

Helps to know Spanish :)

Lots of shrimp boats and men working on them.

This is the shrimp boat that Phil, the local mechanic works on. 
He stopped to talk with us, practicing his English while Debbie practiced her Spanish..

Phil's shrimp boat.

Debbie talking to Phil. Phil is the Engineer on that shrimp boat.

There have got to be hundreds of shrimp boats here.

A man working on the gear.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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